November 21, 2015

DSC_0721 (2)Ciao tutti!

In my last post, somewhere in June, I wrote that I was going on a one month vacation – but then I never came back! In the past five months, pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to in person and everyone who’s been following me on Instagram for a while has asked me why I haven’t posted anymore outfits on my blog and to tell you the truth: I stopped blogging. I was supposed to take one month off so I could redo the web design, shoot some outfits, and work on ‘Sicilian Lace 2.0’. But I was enjoying my time off so much that I took another few months off. It was just so relaxing to not have to worry about my blog 24/7. Because honestly, having a blog is hard work. It’s not any different from being an entrepreneur or the manager of a start-up. It’s on your mind all day long, whether you like it or not. Relaunching an entire website takes so much time and work, and on top of that I’m in the last year of my bachelor study. This does, however, bring something very exciting that I haven’t told you before:

June 23, 2015

DSC_0665Ciao a tutti!

You may have noticed that I’ve been a little MIA on the blog lately (for which I apologize), so I just wanted to write an update about what I’ve been working on lately. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I’ve been a little dissatisfied with the lack of “Sicilianess” on my blog, so I decided it was about time for some drastic changes. Hence, I chose to to take an entire month off from my blog so I can work on some preparations for the re-launch in July – yes, you read that right! Last year on July, 17th I posted my first outfit ever, which means that my blogaversary is approaching fast. I’m also pretty close to reaching a milestone on Instagram, so I figured there would be no better way to celebrate it other that to completely revamp Sicilian Lace! As far as the content after the re-launch, I will guarantee that it will be more Sicilian, more Dolce, and more Monica than I’ve ever given you before. I will also finally be elaborating the Ricette di Sicilia part and I have a really, really exciting adventure coming up in my life that I will be keeping you up-to-date on. However, in order to make all of these changes happen properly, I need time – lots of it – which is exactly why I chose to take a month off. I will of course still be posting daily pictures on Instagram, where I will also give you a heads up when the re-launch date is approaching (as it’s not final yet), so make sure to give me a follow there @sicilianlace!

In the meantime, go ahead and enjoy these throwbacks to last summer: DSC_0002 (2)-001

DSC_0133 (6)

DSC_0945 (6)DSC_0567 (3)

DSC_0288 DSC_0790 (7) DSC_0288

June 18, 2015

DSC_0189Ciao a tutti! Today I’m finally showing you how to make Sicilian arancini from risotto bianco. When mentioning Sicilian cuisine, you can’t leave out the famous orange-like rice balls. Whenever I make risotto, I purposely use about 200 grams more than I need that day, so I can use it the next day for arancini. You can add tons of other things if you like, such as peas, tomatoes, different herbs, etc., but today I’m just showing you the most basic version that I know.

June 5, 2015

DSC_0231 (4)…Violets are blue. I suck at writing poems. Unicorn.

My absolute favorite item to wear on a hot summer’s day would have to be a jumpsuit. They’re so comfy and cool and it feels like wearing a stylish onesie. Whenever I go on vacation, I pack mostly jumpsuits and playsuits, which is probably my favorite vacation hack, as you only have to pack half the amount of clothes! Plus, you no longer have to make combinations and therefore carry a ton of stuff with you so you have “options”, because you just put on the playsuit and you’re done! Today I’m wearing this very tropical-looking jumpsuit from H&M, which I combined with a pop of red – I love black, white & red combinations! Since it was pretty warm yesterday evening, I didn’t want to overdo the outfit by adding a belt and jewelry (since I usually find those uncomfortable or they’re getting in my way), so I only added a rose and tiny earrings. What’s your favorite item for this summer?

May 25, 2015

DSC_0272Some days call for princess dresses, and I have to admit that this look did make me feel a bit like Snowwhite. Part due to the hair silhouette of the dress, but mostly because I look so damn pale at the moment. While we’re on the topic of royalty, may I mention that I love Maxima’s outfits? I don’t think any country has a more stylish queen than the Netherlands. Not to say Kate’s poorly dressed, but she does not yet have that mature type of class that Maxima does. But since marrying a royal is not really something I’d consider to be an option, I’m just gonna pretend a little more while hopping around in this fifties dress.

May 22, 2015

DSC_0116Ciao a tutti! It’s been a while since I posted a recipe, but since my last one was a lunch/dinner I now really wanted to post something sweet. I’ve made this recipe twice, and although I had to figure some things out the first time, I feel like it’s almost fail proof. This version contains no butter and no eggs, so if you used dark chocolate only in combination with low fat cookies, this could be a pretty healthy snack/dessert!

May 21, 2015

DSC_0585 (2)Real tongue twister, right? As I mentioned in my previous article, I realised that my blog outfits have become too casual, which is why I hesitated when posting this outfit. BUT, since we still need some everyday outfit inspiration and I can’t walk around in haute outfits everyday either, I thought I’d still post this cute summer outfit! I find the dress a slight bit too short, but it does look really nice with these sneakers! I wouldn’t recommend these sneakers though, since they gave me the worst pain in my feet and I ended up buying Pumas instead (see the last picture)!

May 11, 2015


With the recent weather I feel like summer has finally begun, so last week Sammy and I went to Valkenburg and shot some cute summer outfits. I’ve got some fun activities and a few relaxing days scheduled for this week so hopefully it will stay like this so we can enjoy the weather before it’s over (which is usually within a week or so in the Netherlands). I’m not sure how I feel about mini skirts yet, as I find that they make me look short (and I’m only 5’2 to begin with), but I’m really liking this Balmain inspired one from Mango. I love the combination of white-camel-orange and this bag was perfect for Kingsday! Enjoy your summer days! :)

May 4, 2015

DSC_0628After seeing the ad campaign for Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter collection of 2013 at the time, I was instantly convinced that tweed is such a timeless and classy fabric to wear, and I set out on a fashion quest to find the perfect piece. I was especially in love with the dress that Bianca Balti wore in the ads, and I eventually found a very similar item at Vanilia. It was still pretty expensive, but at least more affordable than the Dolce & Gabbana one. I never got around to shooting the outfit, because I always felt like my bad camera quality and boring locations would only undermine this amazing piece. Today I finally found the perfect location in Valkenburg and decided to get over my fear of failure/my exhausting perfectionism and went ahead and shot some pictures. Obviously this dress is no longer available, but I had to shoot it.

May 1, 2015


The other day I thought to myself “what’s the most hated fashion item right now?” and I’m pretty sure the answer is culottes. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with them as well. At first I really hated them, mainly because they reminded me of the bermuda shorts that my mom used to wear on vacation when I was younger, but somewhere along the way I’ve come to really like them. That’s why I decided to style them in an attempt to convince all of you that culottes are actually really cool. I’m still experimenting with this trend a little, but you’ll definitely see some more attempts this summer!